Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get audio/video codecs on Fedora 15/16/17,Cent OS

codecs are required to play some proprietary file formats are not shipped with Fedora. Codecs are the programs that encode and decode digital data. These codecs are available in the rpmfusion repository for Fedora. You will be able to play mpeg, mp3, avi, flv and other commonly used file formats for music and video. You will require an Internet connection to download and install these packages on your computer.

1. Switch to root user 

su -c



2. Get RPM Fusion repository

RPM Fusion repository for Fedora 15/16/17 both the free and the nonfree

yum localinstall --nogpgcheck 

RPM Fusion repository for RHEL 6 or compatible like CentOS

rpm -Uvh 

3. Check for repository update

[root@localhost ~]# yum repolist
[root@localhost ~]#yum check-update
[root@localhost ~]#yum update

4. Install Codecs  

a) Gstreamer

yum install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-bad-extras gstreamer-plugins-ugly

b) FFMpeg is a complete and free Internet live audio and video

yum install ffmpeg ffmpeg-devel ffmpeg-libs ffmpeg2dirac ffmpeg2theora

c)  Audicious

yum install audacious-libs audacious-plugins-freeworld-mp3 audacious audacious-devel audacious-plugin-fc audacious-plugin-xmp audacious-plugins audacious-plugins-amidi audacious-plugins-freeworld audacious-plugins-freeworld-aac audacious-plugins-freeworld-ffaudio audacious-plugins-jack audacious-plugins-sid

Launch your favourite multimedia application from the GNOME panel and play your favorite music or video.


Ajay Dev said...


prashant pandey said...

hey akshay i need ur help.
how can i install nokia pc suit in fedora 17.

Anonymous said...

Why would you need to install nokia Pc suite... if it is for internet.. you can directly configure it on fedora.. if you want to access the filesystem.. access the phone in mass media mode.. but if you are really looking forward to install nokia pc suite.. you can use wine tool to install windows program... look for it

Anonymous said...

I'm using proxy for my internet connection, how can I go about this??

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Akshay

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